Where Duelists Unlock Their Raging Dragon Inside Them!
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DDA Academy Rules

1. Be ACTIVE in the academy. That means participate in academy events, tournaments, etc. Inactive without a reason, may lower down your rank or your account will be deleted before a staff member lets you know before your absence.

2. DO NOT spam. Please avoid double post. Don't post words with one word(EX: WTF, OK, ETC). Please always stay on topic and no necro posting.

3.ALWAYS show respect to staff and members. If you have a compliant, send a PM to Drago~

  4. No back seating modding. It is banned at DDA, if you want to act like a moderator, find another place for it. If you want to report a member, send a PM to Drago~
5. No Multi-Accounts, it will result in a ban in the academy. This also includes proxies and  family members.
6.DO NOT FIGHT ANYONE or POST ANY NEGATIVE OPINIONS ABOUT PEOPLE. It is rude and it hurts their feelings. 

1st Warning: Nothing Happens

2nd Warning: 1 Day Ban

3rd Warning: 7 Day Ban + Demotion Of Rank And Dorm

4th Warning: 2 Week Ban + Removal OF DP 

5th Warning: Permanent Ban